5 Films To Watch Before It’s Christmas Eve

Getting into that Christmassy spirit isn’t that easy, especially this year since you don’t really get any extra free days from work (or school), you always seem to be expected to be jolly without getting a nice little cooldown period before the festivities. That’s why they invented Christmas songs (that play from November onwards and selfdestruct by the end of December) and Christmas films (that they show everyday for weeks). So with all that is plenty in the world of Christmas cheer, which films are the ones that give you the most joy and a great film experience? This came out to be a heavily 80’s influenced list, but I guess these are the Classics (at least in my eyes). Merry (almost) Christmas!

Home Alone

Kate McCallister: How could we do this? We forgot him.
Peter McCallister: We didn’t forget him. We just miscounted.
Kate McCallister: What kind of a mother am I?
Frank McCallister: If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my reading glasses.


Kate: Now I have another reason to hate Christmas.
Billy Peltzer: What are you talking about?
Kate: The worst thing that ever happened to me was on Christmas. Oh, God. It was so horrible. It was Christmas Eve. I was 9 years old. Me and Mom were decorating the tree, waiting for Dad to come home from work. A couple hours went by. Dad wasn’t home. So Mom called the office. No answer. Christmas Day came and went, and still nothing. So the police began a search. Four or five days went by. Neither one of us could eat or sleep. Everything was falling apart. It was snowing outside. The house was freezing, so I went to try to light up the fire. That’s when I noticed the smell. The firemen came and broke through the chimney top. And me and Mom were expecting them to pull out a dead cat or a bird. And instead they pulled out my father. He was dressed in a Santa Claus suit. He’d been climbing down the chimney… his arms loaded with presents. He was gonna surprise us. He slipped and broke his neck. He died instantly. And that’s how I found out there was no Santa Claus.

Edward Scissorhands

Kim: You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If he weren’t up there now… I don’t think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Santa: ‘Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams. For the story you’re about to be told began with the holiday worlds of auld. Now you’ve probably wondered where holidays come from. If you haven’t I’d say it’s time you begun.

Die Hard

John McClane: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.

P.S. I L O V E that old voiceover guy!

12 responses to “5 Films To Watch Before It’s Christmas Eve

  1. Oh I love these all! Especially the first and last one.

    PS. Toivottavasti et loukkaantunut, mutta mua vaan ärsytti toi Machete. Tuntuu herättävän voimakkaita tunteita puoleen ja toiseen. ;-)

    Hey, it’s snowing here! Nice background.

    • En tietenkään haha : -D Se on todella tunteita jakava.
      I actually really like Christmas films for some reason, they’re all so merry.
      Yea right, the snow : -D Got to love WordPress :-)

  2. Good list! I actually have never seen Die Hard but all the others are great. My favorite Christmas movie is definitely Christmas Vacation, I’ve watched it for years every Christmas Eve.

    • My absolute must watch for the past 10 years has been Scissorhands, it’s not usually categorized as a Christmas film even though they show it every year in Finland around that time. Kind of like The Great Escape in the Uk. And thanks : -))

      • Edward Scissorhands is a great choice! I’ve long seen it as a holiday movie myself (maybe something left over from my time as an exchange student living in Kuopio many years ago?)

  3. okay I gotta admit that I have never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas… Even though I LOVE Tim Burtons movies. Maybe now is about the time? :D

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