Trailer Time!

I thought I would post some newly released trailers of films that I’m excited to see in the beginning of next year (Jan/Feb). There’s some interesting stuff coming up, big franchises and smaller productions, but you can often spot the ones that are going to be huge and/or entertaining; here’s a couple.

Sucker Punch

Opening in the UK and US on the 25th of March (Finland date not yet released) this film continues with the saga of comicbook-esque cinematography and violence, Sucker Punch tells the story of a girl in the 50s who’s about to get lobotomized. Why I really want to see this is the director, Zack Snyder, known for 300 and Watchmen, two of my favourite films.

I Am Number Four

This is one of those that could be really bad or really good (kind of like Kickass), I’m hoping it will be the latter. Coming out in February (dates still uncertain) this mysterious film could be an UG hit.

127 Hours

James Franco FTW! Coming out in the UK on the 7th of January, and in Finland on the 4th of February. What can I say, I think the buzz speaks for itself.

Black Swan

What’s there to say, dubbed as one of the best films of 2010, this is an absolute must see. European release in beginning of year 2011 (UK January, Finland February). A surrealistic story of rivalry. Love Aronofsky.


Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell, play sister and brother, Swank goes to Law School to free his innocent brother. Love Rockwell, not Swank that much, but seems cool. Openes in the Uk on the 14th of January, Finland release date unknown.

Which films are you looking forward to in the New Year?

6 responses to “Trailer Time!

  1. Wow your blog is great! And you seem to be excited about EXACTLY the same films as me. Darren Aronofsky is my absolute fave (so is Clint Mansell and Matthew Libatique in their fields)

  2. I found your blog through the comment you left in one of my posts and I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled on to this blog before! This is great because I’m a huge movie fanatic myself.

    I really want to see all of these films but the one I’m really looking forward to the most is Black Swan. Aronofsky is my favorite and seriously, the trailer looks uh-mazing! I can’t wait! :D

    • Oh thank you, that’s so sweet. I really like your blog as well! :–)

      I know right, it looks so good! I’ve grown to really like Mila Kunis and have always that that Vincent Cassell is unbelievable. Might do a Close Up of him soon, he’s got so many great films : –))

  3. Vau mikä blogi! Tän lukemista on pakko jatkaa!
    Ehdottomat lempparit olivat Sucker Punch ja 127 Hours.
    Ihan pakko päästä näkemään noi, nyt tuli iha kamala hinku!

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