It’s The Most Wonderful Film Of The Year…

Inception? Shutter Island? The Social Network? Kickass? Scott Pilgrim? Tron : Legacy? I’ll reveal mine at the end of December (watch out for a countdown starting on Sunday the 19th!), but I already voted for it here at the Jameson Empire Awards. It’s going to be interesting to see who wins and how they correlate with nominations. How I love awards season : –)

11 responses to “It’s The Most Wonderful Film Of The Year…

  1. Few of the best movies I ever watched: Despicable Me, The Uninvited, Shutter Island, The Mist, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Book of Eli, Madagascar, etc.

  2. This year was an awesome movie year! I’m also listing my favorites at the end of every year, can’t wait to see what your favorites are. There’s a slight problem with these award shows, all the movies are not yet in Finland so can’t really say anything about a bunch of them..

    • That is so true blah, and it’s only the films I really want to see .. Knight & Day and Sex And The City open at the same time in the US and Europe haha but Black Swan no ! I guess they actually just put the realease date to november and december in a few places just to get it nominated for that year’s awards; I guess if it’s fresh in the memory it has a bigger chance of winning.

      I’m thinking of doing a best of January – December, based on Finnish (in some cases UK) releasedates, just to avoid the problem of US release dates haha : -D

  3. Indeed this year was great for movie fans. Inception and Shutter Island were way better than I personally expected and they’re good contestants when considering the greatest movie of the year. I haven’t seen most of the critically hyped films though. I’d like to say that Green Zone and The Book of Eli were good and solid movies also.

    The Jameson Empire Awards seem to have best horror -category too. I think The Crazies is my pick for winning that category.

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