Hit or Miss? The Tourist (2010)

“Jolie, are you doing stiff and uninterested?” “No this is my conman who is romantically envolved with a fugitive.”

First Impressions : This is one of those films that had the potential but kind of stinks of failure. It opened in the Us with 17million this weekend, but for a movie with two globally recognised moviestars Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, it isn’t considered to be a success. It will probably earn enough money on the international market, but will not be considered a success by any means.

The reviews have been atrocious, Rotten Tomatoes rates it 20%, way below any others on the Box Office top 10 and the trailer gives away a lacking energy and chemistry between Depp and Jolie. She seems snooty and he, usually brilliant, a bit underwhelming. Jolie’s charisma for me has gone down a bit with her work in Serbia, where she’s been quoted to saying things like her being the ‘voice of oppressed women of Serbia’ (which Serbian feminist organizations thought was bollocks, and said so very loudly) whilst working on her directing debute.

I might see it, just because it is Depp and Jolie, and I always find it entertaining when famous people fail. But am I the only one to think that Paul Bettany is absolutely the highlight of The Tourist’s trailer?

Opened in the UK on the 10th, opening in Finland January 21st (of course).

Here’s the trailer, see for yourself what your first impressions are :


2 responses to “Hit or Miss? The Tourist (2010)

  1. Personally, I don’t get the hate this film has been receiving. I think people (including most professional critics even though they don’t want to admit it on their reviews) were expecting a straight action/thriller like “Salt.” Yes, it had its flaws, but I enjoyed this flick because it’s a bit more subtle.

  2. Aaw, I think people who take this film seriously are far too serious people. It was light-weight, entertaining and goofy, mostly in a good way. A hesitating hit ^_^.

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