Close-Up : Ryan Gosling

I also think that something interesting comes out when you do something that you’re afraid of, so I try to take things that I’m not sure that I can do.

Hailing from London, Ontario, this 30-year old is one of the best in his generation, that’s imo already a given. He took a break from acting to concentrate on his music career (Ah doesn’t it sound really cheesy when the I do that actor/musician thing? His band Dead Man’s Bones is really great though, a gothic indie masterpiece that should only be evaluated in itself) but now he is back with two new releases, Blue Valentine and All Good Things, of which Blue Valentine has yet again gather some Oscar buzz for Gosling along with his co-star Michelle Williams.

He was nominated for an Oscar for a low budget indie Half Nelson, a story of a school teacher in a tough neighbourhood struggling with drug addiction and the numbness of the gaping despire that is the American school system. He’s propably most well know for his role in The Notebook, a ‘tragic’ love story, one of the biggest tear-jerkers of the 00’s, but this guy is no heartthrob. He often plays dark and twisted characters, that are utterly charming; in his words all part of his own personality. He’s said that he isn’t one of those actors who tranforms into a character, but one that tunes up and tones down parts of his own personality to find the perfect match with the intended character he’s trying to portray. Often he hits the jackpot with this and brings acting gold, sometimes he goes way off the mark (He got kicked out of Lovely Bones due to a misunderstanding of what the character should be in the eyes of the director).

He’s made great choices in his career so far, and by looking at what’s coming up in 2011 I can’t say that he has made any compromises on quality of script or fellow casting. He lives in a looked-down on area of Hollywood to keep his privacy, which has kept his feet on the ground. IMO you hear of too many bitchfits that these supposedly brilliant and intelligent actors throw (crhm Ed Norton, crhmm Christian Bale = both unbeliavable talets, but divas), and it always makes me look at them in a different light.

Top Picks

Half Nelson
One of the top 20 performances of the 00’s, Gosling gives a subtle portrayal of young man struggling to believe in anything anymore, trying to help at least one student even though personally going through an inner turmoil. Great story all in all, good directing and an interesting social commentary on the American school system from a different point of view. No preaching, just intertvined lifes.

Lars & The Real Girl
The premise of the film could’ve been turned into something atrocious, but the story of a man falling in love with a life-sized doll, is one of the most heartwarming tales I’ve seen. The cast together has a unique warmth and the script by Nancy Oliver is brilliant in it’s little quirks and the capturing of the care and understanding that people have for their loved ones. Also, funny!

The Believer
A jewish teenager gets involved with neonazism and plans to blow up a synagogue. A great role by a very young Gosling who harvests his teenage angst into a very confused character.

Favourite Scenes


3 responses to “Close-Up : Ryan Gosling

  1. Huippu postaus yhdestä tämän ajan lupaavimmista näyttelijöistä. Ryan pystyi nostaan aika perus leffan Murder By Numbersinkin suhteellisen hyväksi (Michael Pitt kyllä teki myös osansa) ja United States of Lelandissa ja Stayssa Gosling briljeeraa, ehdottomasti yks lemppareistani.
    Ja Ryanin hyväntekeväisyys Darfurissa tuntuu 100-0 aidommalta kun Jolien seikkailut;)

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