Dear Santa…

Guillermo Del Toro Collection (Blu-Ray)

Guillermo Del Toro is one of the most unique directors out there, and I believe strongly that this Bluray set would be a great edition to anyone’s film collection. I’m not a big fan of the format, but in this I think this would work perfectly, since his imagery and colour world is so rich, that blu-ray would actually bring more to it.

Includes Cronos, Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. A whopping 52£ at Amazon.

Fred and Friends Ice Invaders

So cool that it is Out of Stock everywhere, cute and extremely geeky. I want it now.

Lost – The Complete 6th Season (DVD)

I can’t believe I still don’t have this (probably and adverse reaction to the despicable end that the series had) but now is the time. I’ve been a big fan of LOST since it began, and have seen seasons 1-5 multiple times. I am looking forward to watching it all together; it’s a series that keeps on giving. Apparantely cool extras, that reveal something new (probably not though) about the Island’s story and Hurley and Ben running the Island (this I want to see!).

1001 Movies: You Must See Before You Die

I have a couple of these kinds of books already, this is the newest edition (apparently now includes Avatar, Precious and The Hurt Locker) it is a great guide for both beginners on film and enthusiasts; I plan on completing one of these in my lifetime (I’ve almost gone through the IMDB 250, only 25 left!).

An iPad

What’s there to say really. I bow in front of Apple Inc. and really want this really expensive thing that I don’t need.

Please .. Anyone?


6 responses to “Dear Santa…

  1. Oh man! An iPad! Please Santa, I’ve been a good girl all year (well, most of the time). I think I deserve a little somentin’something’ for that. The number four on your list also sounds like a good pick!

  2. Mä olen myös yrittänyt saada aikaiseksi katsoa imdb:n top-listan leffat, mutta kaukana olen tavoitteesta. Päädyn aina katsomaan uudestaan ja uudestaan suosikkileffojani ^^ Onko tuosta 1001:stä sitten aina karsittu joitain leffoja, kun siitä on tehty uusia painoksia? :/ Tai siis todennäköisesti on, jos määrä samana pysyy ja uusia tulee :D Mun matikka!

    Kiitos kommentistasi blogissani. Mä olen tosiaan Stallone-fani ja suosikkeja on myös Kummisedät, Scarface… Disney-leffat, Ghost…

    • Joo, se on aina vähän kamalaa kun on niin suuri valinnanvapaus että minkä elokuvan katsoo, niin päätyy vaan niihin suosikkeihin. Se on vaan niin turhauttavaa välillä katsoa huonoja / pettymyksellisiä leffoja, varsinkin kun ei ole niiin älyttömästi aikaa. Eiköhän ne aina karsi, mutta käsittääkseni eivät mitään hurjia määriä leffoja lisääkkään siihen per uusi painos! :-)

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