Coming Up : Outcast (2010)

Outcast is coming out in the UK soon, and it is really (really) creepy. Filmed in Galway and Edinburgh (the promo makes it look more like lovely Glasgow tbh) this Scottish-Irish production centers around a Romany girl, Petronella and a really creepy guy, her sort-of-boyfriend, possibly killer played by the awesomness that is James Nesbitt.

I’ve been a big fan of Nesbitt’s ever since Cold Feet (one of the best British tv shows of all time). He’s got one of those serial killer faces, doesn’t he? But he’s a really versatile actor, and has also been signed on to do two films that are absolutely on my “Most Anticipated Films”- list; Coriolanus, the Shakespearean remake directed and starred by Ralph Fiennes, also featuring Gerald Butler, Brian Cox and Vanessa Redgrave (I’m really excited about this, I believe that Fiennes has a big vision for it, according to sources he’s been wanting to make into a film for years, pitching it wherever he can – expect blood), and of course The Hobbit to play Bofur (the is film apparently coming out in two parts, in 2011 and 2012).

The Hobbit has also made some interesting casting annoucements, writing roles for Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom) that aren’t included in the original book (but timeline wise could’ve been). There’s still a lot of unconfirmed roles (Leonard Nimoy being among them !! I so hope this happens, c’mon Jackson!) but the filming starts next February in New Zealand, so we should be hearing casting rumours confirmed around the New Year.

Here’s the trailer for the Outcast:


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